Honor Band 5 release date, price, news and features

Although smartphones are the brand's number one focus, affordable fitness trackers are still one element of Honor's business and the company has just unveiled its latest, the Honor Band 5.
The Honor Band 5 looks similar to the existing Honor Band 4 at first glance, but it does have a few significant upgrades to make it seem like a more capable health band.
Although we don't currently know how much it'll cost, Honor's series of fitness trackers are usually a more affordable alternative to the likes of Fitbit or trackers like the Garmin Vivofit 4 .
The Honor Band 5 is currently only confirmed for the Chinese market, but we expect it to come to the rest of the world later this year. Here's everything we know so far about the Honor Band 5.
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Cut to the chase

What is it? Honor's latest fitness tracker

When is it out? Announced in China, rest of the world has to wait

What will it cost? Likely around $59.99 / £59.99 / AU$85

Honor Band 5 release date and price
As is the case with a lot of Honor announcements, the Honor Band 5 is currently only confirmed for those who live in China. It was unveiled on July 23 at an event in the country where the company also revealed the Honor 9X smartphone.
It's set to go on sale in China from July 29, but we've yet to have confirmation on whether it'll be available worldwide at a later day.
Just because it's limited right now doesn't mean you won't ever be able to buy it though. Previous Honor fitness bands have landed in the UK and US a few months after their initial unveiling.
There's no gurantee that will be the case again with the Honor Band 5, but we strongly speculate that the company will allow you to buy one easily in the coming months or at least by the end of 2019.
We'll be sure to update here when we hear from Honor for an official release date, and we've also asked the company for specific information too.
As for the price, all we can base it on is the RRP of the last tracker. There may be some fluctuation as this new band has more features, but expect to pay something around $59.99 / £59.99 / AU$85.
Honor Band 5 design and display

If you've seen or used the Honor Band 4, you'll know a lot of what the design is like on the Honor Band 5. We've yet to see the device up close, but from demonstrations on stage at the launch event and press shots it looks to be remarkably similar to the last-gen tracker.
It's slightly curved on the rear to comfortably sit on your wrist, and it's slim like a lot of fitness trackers currently on sale. It has a silicone strap, which if it's similar to the Honor Band 4 should sit well on your wrist.
Those straps come in black, green, pink and blue, but the body of the tracker is only available in black. We'll talk more about the screen in a moment, but below that is a capacitive button for you to interact with the tracker.
As for the display, that's a color screen. It's 0.95-inches big, and it looks to be vibrant with a variety of watch faces that are colorful to show off your stats on your wrist.
That screen tech is AMOLED with a resolution of 240 x 120, which equal 282 pixels per inch. That should offer a great looking display to read your fitness stats.
The band is also water-resistant with a rating of 5ATM that means you'll be able to use this in a swimming pool or wear it into the shower.
Honor Band 5 fitness

Honor's previous teaser of the blood oxygen monitor on the Honor Band 5.
The Honor Band 5 has kept the fitness features we've seen on previous fitness trackers from the company including activity tracking and a real-time heart rate monitor.
We know the activity tracking covers 10 different sports, but we don't currently know what they are. We can expect running, cycling and swimming to be included in that list.
The big new feature this time comes in the form of a blood oxygen level monitor. Technically that's called an SpO2 monitor, which is a feature installed on a variety of recent Fitbit devices but it has yet to be activated on those trackers.
Fitbit has yet to announce when that feature will be available, which means Honor may be the first manufacturer to properly offer it.
It allows you to monitor the amount of oxygen which is in your blood, and there's two reasons you'll want to be able to do that. First, it gives a better picture of the quality of your sleep.
Secondly, it can also help detect fatigue in everyday life and allow you to schedule your workouts in for more appropriate times as well as know when you shouldn't be working out.
Honor Band 5 other features
In China, the Honor Band 5 is capable of mobile payments with an NFC chip. Whether that will be the case when it comes to other countries is currently up in the air, but we wouldn't expect to be able to buy a bottle of water using the tracker while in the US or UK.
Previous Honor Band products haven't included the feature upon worldwide release, so we wouldn't expect it to change on this one.
You'll get notifications through from your smartphone to the fitness tracker, but these are limited to texts and calls.
We don't know exactly how long the Honor Band 5 will last for from a single charge, but Honor estimates it'll last for around two weeks. It'll last even longer in a low power mode as well.
The battery is only a 100mAh cell, so don't expect incredible things from this but we won't know exactly how long it'll last for until the time of our full review.
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