The best cheap Apple Watch prices and sales in August 2019

This is your guide to the best Apple Watch prices and sales that are currently available online. The Apple device is the most popular smartwatch on the market, so finding the best deals can be a difficult task.

However, with the recent introduction of the Apple Watch 4 , the 'standard' price for the Apple Watch 3 has dropped from $329/£329  to $199/£279, making it and other older Apple Watches more affordable, especially with additional discounts.
Sure, the Apple Watch 4 is one of the best watches money can buy, but for most people, the Series 3 will more than suffice. Plus, you can still find decent prices on the Series 2 and Series 1 watches, although we'd recommend that you look at the Watch 4 or Watch 3 to get the best experience.
Below you'll find all of the best Apple Watch sales we've found, from the Series 1 watch to the latest Apple Watch 4. We also threw in a few places to buy Apple Watch bands a little more cheaply than you can pick them up from Apple.

The Apple Watch is available in four variations: 40mm and 44mm sizes, and with or without cellular / LTE service, with prices accordingly. You're currently unlikely to find this watch at lower than its list price, but be sure to check back regularly as we'll be updating with any deals we find during the Black Friday period.

The regular Apple Watch 3 delivered minimal upgrade from the Series 2. Still, it remains a top-tier device in terms of fitness and longevity, with run and cycle tracking on board and a water-resistant casing for swimming, plus the a heart rate monitor on the underside. And the LTE version comes with cellular connectivity so you can use it independently from your phone.

The Apple Watch 2 isn't being sold by Apple, but it's still being pushed around by various retailers for those who want an older watch on the cheap. It includes specs and features not available on the cheaper Apple Watch Series 1. This includes GPS tracking, a brighter screen and waterproof specs that allow you to wear it in the pool.

Right - let's clear this up: there are multiple Nike+ editions of the Apple Watch. The first is the Nike+ Apple Watch Series 2, the second the Nike+ Apple Watch Series 3 and the third... you've guessed it... the Nike+ Apple Watch Series 4.
Each is virtually identical to the 'standard' version of the Watch they're related to, apart from different (and really rather nice) rubberised straps that you can't easily buy separately and new watch faces.
Other than that, they don't really offer a lot more other than a stylistic option - and of course they're 'designed' to be use with the Nike app.
So if you're seeing the Nike+ Apple Watch for cheap, make sure it's not the Series 2 model... although that one is perfectly good enough in our eyes, and offers all the advantages minus the LTE connectivity.

Apple Watch deals at eBay:
Nike Plus cheapest prices in the US
Nike Plus cheapest prices in the UK
Nike Plus cheapest prices in Australia

The Apple Watch Series 1 is actually the best Apple Watch for most people who aren’t all-star runners and avid swimmers, with most of the specs you need on a smartwatch. 
This is a 'refreshed' Apple Watch compared to the original Apple Watch below, so it has a faster dual-core processor and better battery life as a result. 
It runs all the same WatchOS 4 software, which brings some decent improvements and, best of all, the original Watch costs a lot less than the models above.
If you don’t need to track GPS runs and swim with it on, you’ll save money. The discounted Apple Watch Series 1 still comes in two sizes, 38mm and 42mm, but only has the more economical aluminum case and Sport band, although it's still good value despite the limited choice.

Apple Watch deals at eBay:
Series 1 starting at $251 in the US
Series 1 cheapest prices in the UK
Series 1 cheapest prices in Australia

Your Apple Watch literally isn’t complete without the best deals on Apple Watch bands. They make the geeky smartwatch stylish enough to show off to late adopters.

Straps in the US starting at $7.88
Straps in the UK starting at £5.27
Straps in Australia starting at AU$9.65

In fact, you’re going to want multiple cheap Apple Watch straps simply because more elegant bands are far from ideal for the gym. Vice versa, Sport Bands don’t cut it at the fancy dinner table.
Everyday in the news, we see new cheap Apple Watch bands trying to become the de facto alternative to the more expensive, official Apple Watch bands, and they’re usually just as good. Trust us, buying a trio of third-party, lookalike Apple Watch bands for the price of one official strap is a relief after paying so much for the smartwatch itself. Plus, you'll want to save up for an Apple Watch 3 upgrade.
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