13.1 Beta and New Phone Coming?

Currently on iOS 13.1 Public Beta most recent version. First year on Beta with new phone on the way or I should say year with a beta more advanced than what will ship and be available launch day. I’ve spoken to Apple and nobody can give me a firm response. My thoughts:

1. New device arrives
2. Setup as new
3. Download Beta Profile for 13.1
4. Restore from backup with matching Beta
*But this requires that Beta is available to iPhone 11 at launch.

Now again this would be the most logical instance. But I’m getting anything but logical responses from Apple. One supervisor agreed, one said won’t know til new phones ship as some may ship with 12.4.1 still, one said will ship with 13 and I will need to set up from scratch which we all know can be a nightmare! So anybody have a firm answer here? Thanks in advance. And FYI- I use iTunes to backup. Only thing in iCloud is my Calendar and Contacts.

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