Plusnet's new cheap broadband deal means a year of internet for less than £13 a month

After the notoriously cheap Onestream jacked up the price of its broadband deals, we've been waiting patiently for something to come along and take its place. Well, that time has come with Plusnet taking cheap to a whole new level.
For as long as we can remember, Plusnet has been sneaking into the exclusive club of the cheapest broadband deals thanks to its big cashback offers. But this time, effectively knocking its cost all the down to £12.74 , it has outdone itself.
On the face of this broadband deal, you're actually paying £18.99 a month - already a pretty affordable price. But when you take into account the £75 in cashback Plusnet will give you and the lack of upfront fees, Plusnet is leaving everyone else in its dust.
Of course, with a price this cheap your internet speeds aren't exactly lightning fast at an average of 10Mb. But for those with a need for speed, don't worry. Plusnet's impressive cashback extends to its fibre offer as well .
Cheap ADSL or speedy fibre - you can see both of Plusnet's cut price broadband deals down below. But when choosing which one you want, keep in mind the length of these offerings with the ADSL package ending on October 29 and the fibre option lasting only until October 22.

These cheap Plusnet broadband deals in full:
What other broadband deals are available? 
Rather not rely on all that cashback for your cheap bills? Not to worry, there are a host of other cheap broadband deals available right now.
Like we said above, until Onestream upped its pricing, that would have been our first suggestion for cheap broadband deals. Now, your best bet would be the Post Office. Coming in at £15.90 a month , this is the cheapest package without relying on cashback.
Need fibre broadband deals instead? Vodafone will likely be the way to go at a price of £22 a month or £20 if you're an existing Vodafone customer . That gets you speeds of 35Mb - not bad for that price at all! 
Or, if you don't mind paying a bit more, BT has an excellent fibre package right now. You're boosting your speeds to an average of 50Mb and only having to pay £28.99/pm to do that. On top of that, BT will even give you a £30 gift card to complete the package.

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