Join us Today for A Nerdy, Live, iPad-Centric Webinar

Later today our Executive Editor, Mike Schmitz, and I (Shawn Blanc) will be hosting a free, live webinar to share about iPad Productivity, workflows, and how to be gooder at using GoodNotes.
If want to use your iPad more, this is for you. And especially so if you’re a GoodNotes user.
Here are the details
What: A Nerdy, Live, iPad-Centric Webinar
When: Today — Wednesday, November 6 — at 3pm EST / 8pm GMT
Note: The above Zoom call will go live when the webinar kicks off at 3pm EST.
Here’s an outline of what we’ll be going through

The iPad productivity apps we use (and why).

Our iPad productivity workflows, including some examples of Shortcuts and how different apps serve different purposes.

Specific workflows for GoodNotes, including how to launch the app directly into a specific journal, how to auto-toggle Dark Mode, document scanning, and more.

Live Q&A

We are doing this in response to everyone who has purchased our GoodNotes course and has been asking for additional, specific examples of iPad and GoodNotes workflows.
And so we thought it would be fun to host this webinar free and publicly for everyone on the Sweet Setup community.
If this is a topic that interests you, then we hope to see you on the video call.
Again, the webinar is today — November 6 — at 3pm EST.
You can join via Zoom at this link:

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