Iphone battery remains at same percentage for extended period of time after unplugging from charger

I have an iphone xr 128gb and it’s now running the latest ios but this problem has existed on every ios i have had on it. I got my first xr back in March and this problem happened right away basically if you charge the phone from 60 to 80% after you unplug it, it will stay at 80 for a while depending on usage but longer than any other percentage (similar to what happens when you charge to 100). But if i unplug the phone and restart it right away the battery jumps up a couple of percent.

I took my first xr back after a few weeks and they gave me another one which at first i don’t think did this but now is definitely doing it. I have tried recalibration it and factory reset but it does not fix the problem.

Other people with iphone that i have talked to think i’m crazy does this happen to anyone else?

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