iPhone 11 Pro Max Night Mode Photos Have Been Trash (so far)

Recently I switch back to the iPhone from being on Android the past 8 years. I had a Galaxy 4, Note 5, Pixel 2, and Pixel 3a. It has been a decent phone it has fantastic hardware (as iPhone always had). However, compared to my Pixel Devices the night images have been very disappointing. I switched over to the iPhone this year because I felt google dropped the ball and I wanted to give the iPhone another run. All the reviews I read comparing the two phones/cameras depicted near equal image quality with the iPhone being the more well rounded and versatile option. With a wide-angle, better video camera and better low light photos. The camera among a few other upgrades was my main motive for switching. Unfortunately, I have been very disappointed with all my night photos they have all been muddy and utterly useless (IMO). Unless there is a very clear subject that you're shooting. What has your experience been with the iPhone cameras? Any other past Pixel users feeling let down?

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