WhatsApp dark mode: latest beta release gives us another early glimpse

WhatsApp dark mode isn't quite ready yet, but image files tucked away in the latest beta release of the messaging app have given us a new glimpse of what the new, darker interface will look like.
The latest beta includes a set of new icons that, as WABetaInfo explains, will be used as avatars during calls when dark mode is active. The set includes three icons: one for broadcasts, one for individuals and one for groups.
The icons are similar to those already used in the app's light interface, but with more contrast to make them stand out better against darker backgrounds.

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The call screen itself will also have a new look, with a slightly darker background, although this part of the app's interface is already on the darker side, so the changes here seem to be fairly minimal.

The new icons are part of a folder of assets labelled 'night', and are higher-contrast than the app's existing set of avatars
Power savings
For some WhatsApp users, dark mode can't come soon enough. Last month, Android users reported that the app was draining their phones' batteries unusually quickly following a routine update. Although it initially declined to comment on the problem, Facebook (WhatsApp's parent company) acknowledged the issue by releasing a new update that it claims should resolve it.
If you still find WhatsApp too power-hungry, there's good news on the horizon – it looks as though the app's dark mode will be activated automatically whenever your phone is in battery-saver mode .
Light-colored pixels draw significantly more power than black ones, so switching to dark mode should help to reduce the amount of juice needed to power your screen when you're using WhatsApp.
This is particularly true for phones with AMOLED screens, where black pixels are actually switched off – and it seems that WhatsApp will have an additional extra-dark interface especially for these devices to make the most of this feature.

It looks like WhatsApp will have two dark modes: one that's mostly dark green/blue, and another one that's mainly black, which will be particularly useful for saving power on AMOLED screens
We don't yet know when WhatsApp dark mode will be rolled out; although there are lots of assets already tucked away in the beta release, it isn't ready for testing yet. It could arrive any time though, and we'll let you know as soon as it's available for you to install.
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