Xbox One deals delight as price drops bring Black Friday level discounts

Those Xbox One deals have returned to offer fantastic savings on the Xbox One S, Xbox One X and All Digital Edition consoles. Walmart and Amazon are the culprits of the latest Xbox One sales, offering prices to rival those of Black Friday in this new wave of discounted Xbox bundles. If you're after a full console, disc drive and all, you can pick up a $212 Xbox One S bundle with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order included.  Looking for the 4K upgrade? You can also bag an Xbox One X deal with the Gears of War collection for just $349 as sales return to Black Friday level discounts this week. 
Meanwhile, those looking to take advantage of the current Game Pass roster or who simply want the cheapest Xbox One deal possible can pick up an All Digital Edition on sale for just $149 .  
That low price is courtesy of the fact that this console does not have a disc drive . If you're looking to save on pre-owned physical games or to build up a case collection you'll want to check out the full Xbox One S bundle for $63.99 more. Plus, if you're even thinking about picking up Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, you'll be missing out by not going with that excellent bundle deal.
Xbox One X deals are kicking off as well, with prices taking a $150 cut only previously seen over the Black Friday weekend. You can find a range of consoles for as little as $349 this week, making a 4K upgrade even easier.
These Xbox One deals have been sorely missed over the last few weeks as prices have been rising back to their usual retail positions for the New Year. It's never too late to save on a brand new console, however, so these sales could have come at just the right time for a January mood booster. 
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