Disney Plus not on your smart TV? Use these streaming sticks instead

Disney Plus has now come to the UK and most of Europe, ending the months-long wait that UK viewers have had to sit through without their precious Star Wars movies , Marvel movies , classic Disney films, Pixar titles, and (of course) The Mandalorian .
But if you're stuck with a television that can't load up Disney Plus, a streaming stick can offer an easy and affordable way to get the streaming service on your television display.
Why wouldn't you be able to load up Disney Plus? Smart TV s made before 2016 generally aren't compatible with the app's code – while those of you still clinging onto ancient TVs (those without any smart features or online streaming capabilities) simply don't have the software needed.
That's where streaming sticks come in. A streaming stick is usually highly affordable – often as cheap as $20 / £20 / AU$30 – and can be plugged into a TV's HDMI port to access heaps of streaming apps, such as Netflix , Amazon Prime Video , YouTube, Disney Plus and (in the US) Hulu and HBO Now .
What streaming stick should I buy?

There are a number of different streaming stick models to consider.
First, there's Amazon's range of streaming sticks: the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K . These sleek streamers are still brilliantly cheap, with only a small price markup for the 4K HDR model, which enables you to stream in even higher quality – if you're using it on a 4K TV . (If you only have an HD TV, the regular Fire TV Stick will do you fine.) You'll get both Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as Disney Plus on these streamers – with an excellent smart TV interface, and an Alexa remote for some limited voice commands – though you can find out more in our Amazon Fire TV Stick review .
There's also the Google Chromecast , which offers a huge number of streaming apps, and the ability to conveniently cast video content from your Android tablet or smartphone. Like the Fire TV Sticks, there's a budget HD option and more premium 4K HDR streamer ( Chromecast Ultra ). You won't get Amazon Prime Video, though Disney Plus is very much available on the device.
Roku streaming devices also boast a brilliantly simple OS and Disney Plus support, whether you're using the budget Roku Express (HD only) or Roku Streaming Stick+ (4K HDR).
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