The sharing function on my iPhone is gone

Hi all,

I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max, fully updated with the latest iOS and all the apps are fully updated as well.

Issue: the sharing function no longer works (i.e. that small square with the up arrow on top, usually appearing at the lower left hand side of the screen when, say, you try to share a picture). This problem appears when sharing a picture from an album, or sharing an article from a news website, and in general, whenever I try to share something. All the sharing options (e.g. share via Twitter, WhatsApp, email, copy link, etc.) simply do not appear.

To fix the issue, I have soft reset the device and I also did a "reset all settings." It did not fix the issue. Apple support suggests that I manually copy pics and files to my desktop, iCould backup,do a full factory reset, and then manually restore. That's going to take ages, and they are not even sure if it will fix the problem!

Any other solutions and/or has anyone run into this issue? I understand it's a very rare one!

Thank you!

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